Welcome to ByMedical & Scientific

Focused on point of care devices, laboratory equipment, digital medical imaging, and minimally invasive corrective surgery.

ByMedical and Scientific is a leading supplier and distributor of high quality, world class, cutting edge medical and scientific equipment in South Africa.
We have partnered with world class brands in both the medical and scientific industry and all our technical partners design and manufacture the most advanced technologies that comply with international best standards.
Our team is made up of highly skilled members with more than a decade of industry expertise and are competent and professional about their work. Our goal is ensuring that Africa has world class medical and scientific institutions that are equipped with the latest technologies.
Our key pillars of success are underpinned by two fundamental philosophies that have been the driving force to our success story, namely being leader in embracing new technologies and pioneering excellence in the healthcare and sciences field. This has enabled us to make our clients` success our responsibility.




Our intention is to close the gap between the third world and first world
through world class, cutting edge medical, scientific and technical teaching
To partner clients in identifying and delivering
world class medical and scientific technologies
of the highest quality.
•To be innovative and pioneer excellence
•To conduct our business with integrity
•To uphold corporate social responsibility
•To observe good corporate governance
•To make customer success our responsibility